Donor stories

Below are just some of the stories that Pembina Foundation have shared with us.

Anahita’s donor story

Anahita Belanger strives to engage others and inspire positive change. With two distinct, but overlapping professional roles, she is enthusiastic about improving the environment and leading a more sustainable life.

Anahita is an organic farmer, promoting local food and tilling land that has been passed down through her family for four generations. She also works in Toronto with a leading energy efficiency company that specializes in consumer engagement. With an interest in how people make decisions about energy use, she wants to understand how to best influence those little daily energy decisions that are habit forming.

“I’m a person who votes with my dollars and I support the Pembina Foundation because they raise awareness of the environmental issues and impacts of the energy industry.”

David's donor story

David Hahn is a maple syrup and organic garlic producer. Raised on a farm, nature has always been important to him. In 1980, David and his wife built a passive solar house in the country. Since then, David has maintained a focus on energy efficiency and harvesting renewable energy.

Committed to fighting climate change by doing something positive on the ground, David worked to build a renewable energy co-op to promote community owned renewable energy.

David sees the Pembina Foundation as researching a pathway to sustainability and playing an informed role in the public discussion around energy. “I especially like the focus in Ontario on proper city planning — Pembina brings a voice of reason, sanity, wisdom and vision.”

David appreciates the work that the Pembina Foundation does in raising awareness of the practicability, desirability and need for society to transform its energy basis from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Dr. Golubov's donor story

Jordan Golubov is a gastroenterologist who practices in Kitchener Waterloo‎. He supports the Pembina Foundation and its focus on the critical issue of energy.

“The world will consume increasing amounts of energy over the coming decades. Most of the world's fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground to prevent dangerous climate change.

"The Pembina Foundation analyzes the consequences of the extraction, transportation and burning of fossil fuels in Canada. This information allows Canadians to formulate sound energy policy that respects our commitment and obligation to protect the health of our planet.”

To reflect his philosophical values, Dr. Golubov has elected to support the Pembina Foundation by donating securities in fossil fuel extraction companies.