Why give to the Pembina Foundation?

1. Enhance thinking about climate change and energy choices 

The Pembina Foundation focuses on educating thought leaders about the impacts energy choices have on Canadians’ future. We encourage the careful development and use of energy so that Canada can see lasting benefits to the environment for future generations.



2. Support credible, unbiased science and research

The Pembina Foundation works closely with credible and effective organizations such as the Pembina Institute, Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance and Green Learning Canada on energy and climate change research.



 3. Even small donations have an impact

When considering the scale of climate change and Canada’s energy landscape, many Canadians feel powerless. While the current impacts of energy are indeed extreme and widespread, small donations to the Pembina Foundation collectively have an impact.

Join the hundreds of individual donors helping us to continue effective research and education — we need all the financial help we can get, and all donations have an impact.


4. Giving is tax-deductible 

Your gift to the Pembina Foundation entitles you to a charitable tax receipt because we are a registered charitable organization. Although rates vary by province, you may be entitled to receive a tax credit of up to 40-50 per cent if you donate a total of more than $200 in a year.

You may also consider donating publicly traded securities that you hold in a taxable account. If these securities have appreciated, no capital gains tax is triggered when shares are donated directly to a Canadian charity. This can also be arranged in your will and can reduce capital gains tax owed by your estate.