British Columbia Green Buildings MapBuilding out the clean economy

Published Dec. 3, 2015
By Penelope Comette, Karen Tam Wu, Maximilian Kniewasser

The B.C. Green Buildings Map quantifies the number of jobs in the province’s green-building sector and pinpoints where energy-efficient homes and buildings are located. This interactive map shows that this growing sector already employs tens of thousands of British Columbians.

Innovative companies in the green-building sector are literally the building blocks of the clean economy in the province, turning the climate challenge into an economic opportunity. B.C.’s government has taken steps to support this sector, but must take further and faster action to meet its greenhouse-gas emissions targets and accelerate the growth of the clean economy.

The B.C. Green Buildings Map is the follow-up to the B.C. Clean Electricity Job Map. Learn more about B.C.’s competitive green-building sector by exploring the map.